What is Love?



During our weekend conversation, I just realized me and my friend have something in common. We were once inspired to become a wedding planner. But subsequently got disillusioned with the whole concept of weddings and marriage. If someone were to ask me whether do I know what is love, sad to say, it took me quite a while to answer that question. There is a saying, man loves a woman because of sex; while woman loves a man and have sex.

What is love? When a couple lives together for many years, do they still love each other; or are they bound by their comfort zone , carnal needs or obligations? I have seen couples got hooked up and after a few days, and decided that they love each other and profess their emotions to the whole world. Is this love, or just mere lust?

How to love someone? There is no rule on that. It comes naturally. My mum once told me, do not let loneliness affect your judgement to love someone.  True love is not mere love at first sight, but it takes time and patience to gradually understand, connect physically and emotionally, accepting your partner’s pasts, character and ultimately to build a future together. To care for someone, is not about wishing to change him; but you are the first person to notice his change (hopefully for the better). Always choose someone who accepts for who you are, and to always cherish and make you laugh. If you ever meet that person, love him more. Love and romance goes together, that is how you sustain long-term relationship.

Do I understand love? Maybe yes, maybe not.


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